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Sunday School

We would love to have you join us for one of our classes Sunday mornings at 10:00 am.

Take a look at the classes below. There are several classes to choose from and you are more than welcome to attend any class you wish. When you visit, an usher will greet you at the door and be happy to direct you to a class.

This is a question that many may ask. Sunday school is a special time of the week to which you learn about God and His Word at a slower pace.

Children get to hear God's Word in a way that is simple to understand. Teenagers get to spend time with peers and hear from God's Word about how to remain faithful to God and His Word during the hard times that they face. They are challenged to surrender their lives to God's way and to find His Will for their lives and pursue after it.

Sunday School provides a way to get to know others who have experienced, or are now experiencing, similar challenges in life and then work together through outreach, prayer, study, application and accountability to grow in the Christian walk.

Sunday School is the foundation that every family and church should be built on. A house is only as strong as its foundation.

How strong is your foundation in God and His Word?

Why Sunday School?

Join us for Sunday School at 10:00 am.

Fall 2016

Bible Studies for Life

When the Bible Meets Life

In chapter 4 of John's gospel, Jesus encountered a lonely, outcast woman at a well. Through a series of questions, Jesus connected with her right where she was, and helped her see how He was the answer to her greatest need. That brief conversation inevitably resulted in a life, and even a community, redirected in pursuit of Him.

Your people, all of them, need Jesus to meet them right where they are. They need to see how the Bible meets their lives and they need a community of Christ followers surrounding them.